Karla Knapp Dressage
Bringing dressage to the real world
 "If we all did the things we were capable of, we would astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison
Do you know what you are capable of?
Here at Karla Knapp Dressage, I aim to help you find out.  I am a freelance dressage trainer  offering quality, flexible and affordable training for riders and their horses in Kent.  I am a Group 2 BD competitor and currently fast tracking towards becoming a List 4 British Dressage judge. I pride myself on achieving this without wads of cash, legs up to my armpits or an expensive horse.
Now of course to be at the top of the game, as in any professional sport, a great deal of skill and finance are required.  But lets think about Dressage in the here and now, for you and me, and what we can hope to gain from it.
I have been successful because I am passionate, dedicated and utterly addicted to the dressage discipline.  I am hard-working, patient and motivated, qualities which allow me to form a partnership with a horse and get the very best from him.
I like to think I apply the same principles when teaching and training. I believe with the right tools, support and teamwork, any horse and rider combination (even the most unconventional) will be surprised at how much they are truly capable of.
Whatever goals you have in mind, we can work together to achieve them.  whether you want to improve your riding and horse's way of going for the sheer pleasure of it, or you are aiming to increase your competition scores or move up a level, let's see what we can do.
It's not just about boring flatwork either - getting it right on the ground can help to vastly improve performance across the other disciplines too.  Show jumping, Cross country and even hacking rely on a supple, co-operative and well trained horse.
So take a look at my website, find out a little more about me and the services I offer.  Get in touch, and join me on the journey to find out what dressage can really offer you!


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