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September 2013 - I have started riding another rehabilitated racer for his lovely owner Paula.  We are going to take things slowly with the super sensitive Sonny G but he will hopefully compete dressage and ROR showing next year.

September 29th 2013 - Mia and Saff take the Open Prelim championship at Capricorn farm. They look forward to coming out at Novice and hopefully affiliating soon.
September 8th 2013 - Rachel Illingworth and her lovely ex-racer Belle have a successful outing to combined training,
winning the dressage with 69.7% and coming second overall.  I see a lot of potential in this partnership.
August 15th 2013 - We bid a fond farewell to Milo and his lovely owner Jo as they relocate to Devon.  Going to miss them both very much.



August 1st 2013- Young client Mia Kirby and her pony Simply Saffron had a fantastic time at the Trailblazers National Championships. Coming home with a 4th place and 70% score.
July 5th 2013 - Cruise did his first affiliated Novice (as an "associate" horse - great idea BD) at Stilebridge.  I was disappointed with a 61% but, on receiving my sheet, I realised the marks for breaking both counter canters had severely affected the score.  Without these the test gained 68% which felt much more like it!
June 2013 - Sadly Mouse has been a regular at Bell Equine recently.  He has been diagnosed with arthritic changes in his neck and forefeet, I am hoping the treatment will enable him to compete again in the future.
May 26th 2013 - I took 3 young horses from Fre-Mel farm to Speedgate .  I took Milo in P15, his first show.  He felt slightly introverted but performed well for 64.8%, gaining 4th place in a class of 21; I felt extremely proud of how grown up he was. Mo in the N23, again his first show, was terrified of the judge's box; so unfortunately any movement near C was a little compromised.  I was happy with 62.5% as I know once he gains confidence, there will be a lot higher marks to come.  Finally Cruise in N37 gave me a lovely settled test, I lost the rhythm in the first medium trot and all 3 halts weren't great.  We only started teaching him rein back this week so that was tense and hesitant, all in all 63.5% and 3rd place was a good outcome.

May 11th 2013 - Cruise went to Chilham ODE and came 3rd in his class. Clever baby!

April 7th 2013 - After 5 months out from competition, Vinds-Mindes Midway won the PSG at Cobham Manor with a score of 62.5%.  This was with counting errors in the tempi changes and we need to continue developing his suppleness, so definitely room for improvement.


March 10th 2013 - Rocky Balboa Flash Boy did us proud in the howling wind and snow at Cobham Manor.  Personal best scores for him at 65.17% with me in N22 and 63.85% with his owner Leah in N35.



February 17th 2013 - My youngest client, Luke Parish, takes the SMP Events Intro Series Championship.  Starlight Jumpa (Jake) had become too exuberant and difficult for his young jockey, but we have worked together over the last six months or so to improve their partnership.  I school the pony as well as teaching Luke and this combination of training has saved Jake from being sold on! They have an exciting future ahead.




 February 2013 - Egyptian King has stepped out of his retirement to partner 13 year old BYRDS rider, Chelsea Tolhurst.  We wish them the best of luck together.