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"Whether you think you can, or think you can't - you're right." - Henry Ford
Can you?
 "I have had Karla as my sole instructor for the past 12 months.  As a rider coming back to the saddle after many years time out, I was struggling to get anywhere with my dressage. In the past year I have moved from Preliminary to Elementary level and scores from low 50s to high 60s.  I have qualified for several unaffiliated championships, including Hickstead 2012.  I attribute these successes to my lessons with Karla, who has taught me in a way that I can fully understand and manage.  I have had several instructors, but have always struggled with understanding the terminology and putting in place exactly what they wanted me to do.  Karla has identified my weaknesses and tailored the lessons to address these, whilst giving me the knowledge and the exercises that both my horse and myself need to improve.  I always feel with Karla's lessons there is no such thing as 'cant do'." Julie Kinloch
"From the first lesson, Karla explained what I needed to do in simple terms rather than fancy "dressage" terms which has helped me to understand and get the most out of my pony.  In just a couple of lessons my scores have gone from 5s and 6s to 7s and 8s in Prelim tests.  I am so pleased with my progress and I know Karla will continue to help me improve.  She totally understood my pony and me from the start and is a massive help to all the issues I encounter.  I would recommend Karla to anyone wanting to improve their riding!"  Mia Kirby
Mum Caroline writes, "I have seen rapid and dramatic improvement in my daughter's riding in just a few lessons with Karla.  Not only that, but my daughter is actually enjoying schooling and taking part in dressage tests, which I never thought I'd see!  Karla has brought everything to a level that she understands and has given her loads of confidence to ride positively in a test."
"When Karla first met me 3 years ago, I was just breaking in my 14hh Welsh pony. We were lucky to get a walk out of him and I certainly couldn't trot and steer him at the same time! Karla says of me, 'You could walk, trot and canter... but you couldn't ride' and she was absolutely spot on.  I didn't have any confidence and always thought I couldn't do it, no matter what it was.  Now, thanks to Karla, I am no longer ashamed of my riding.  I am proud of it and there is no such word as can't anymore.  I had never planned on a dressage career for Rocky, but I understood it would help him and now I absolutely love it.  We have just started competing at BD Novice level and cant wait to progress further.  We started off with a new instructor, but Karla has become a dear friend to both of us."  Leah Houghton
"I have had lessons with Karla for over 6 years in total, starting at the age of 12 with my Haflinger mare.  Due to various yard moves Karla and I lost touch, but by 2011 I had progressed to a TBx mare and was enjoying show jumping and cross country.  Deep down I knew my flatwork was letting me down and I decided to do something about it.  I contacted Karla and started having regular lessons with her again.  My confidence soared and everyone, including my jumping instructor, commented on how much my flatwork had improved.  Karla is now helping me bring on my new horse, a 6 year old ISH and I know that with her help I can be sure to get all the basics right and build a solid grounding for our future."  Hannah Leong
"Having watched Karla teaching my daughter for several years, I decided it really was time that I restarted having regular lessons myself.  I was aware that I was developing bad habits and also losing confidence when my TB mare played up.  After a few months, not only was I riding far better than before (and feeling much fitter as a result), Karla gave me the confidence to be far more pro active when Millie threatened to misbehave in the school.  This meant I could relax more and riding her became a pleasure again.  Although she could still be challenging, when she went well the feeling of achievement was amazing.  In addition, Karla persuaded me at the grand age of 48 (and Millie at the not so young age of 17) to enter our first dressage competition - and I absolutely loved it! Proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!"  Frances Leong